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Suldal kommune
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Suldalsporten – ”The Suldal Gate”

Suldal, in the region of Ryfylke, is situated in the northeast of Rogaland. Suldal has a population of about 3900, of whom 1200 live in the municipal centre of Sand.

In Suldal one can experience the soft fiord landscape typical of the Ryfylke region. One can visit small, charming beaches, travel through wide, fertile valleys and deep forests, and see places of historical and cultural interest. The dams of the Ulla-Førre and Blåsjø power stations are well worth a visit. Though the biggest power stations in Norway are situated in this area, one can still find vast areas of untouched mountain terrain. In fact, Suldal offers a whole range of outdoor and cultural experiences.

Agriculture, principally dairy and meat production, forms the basis of a versatile economy; as a result of this, all parts of the municipality are populated. Countryside tourism and electricity production from small power stations are new up-and-coming economic sectors. Other important sectors are transport, mining, wood, trade and service.

The municipality offers a wide variety of services to people of all ages. Crèches and nurseries are available to all pre-school children at a price that is still among the lowest in Norway. The schools are decentralized.

The cultural and sports centres for the region are located in the municipal centre of Sand, together with the indoor arena Suldalshallen.

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